How to Use iConji Messenger for Web

It's really quite simple
  1. Select the recipient of your message.
  2. Compose a Message:
    • From one of the 8 keyboard Panels (below), select a character to add to your Message.
    • Click any character already in your Message to add Notes, add a Location tag, or modify the character to be a verb, adverb, or adjective.
    • To remove, select and hold for a moment, then drag back to the keyboard panel below.
  3. Search for an iConji character (Search Tips).
  4. Customize your Keyboard:
    • Select the gear and wait for it to turn green.
    • Select and move any character to another location on the same keyboard panel, or to another panel.
    • To make room for characters in full keyboard panels, first move one or more unwanted characters out of the full panel into the Bottomless Bucket (far right).
    • When complete, select the gear again, wait a moment as some time is required to synchronize your new layout with the server, and then accept the changes. The gear will return to the color gray.
    • Any changes you make to the keyboard are remembered so every time you log in, from your iPhone, Facebook, or Web app, your keyboard will be as you like it.
  5. iConji characters:
    • Select a character to add to your Message.
  6. Keyboard Panel selection:
    • Panels 1-7 contain a maximum of 54 characters each.
    • The 8th is the Bottomless Bucket and holds all the characters you do not use on a regular basis.