WANTED: iConji Artists

Character Creation Using SVG

  1. Visit the SVG-edit website and load the Demo.
  2. SVG-edit will create a default document with a size of 640x480.
  3. Change the Document Properties to a size of 1284x1284.
  4. Adjust zoom so the entire square document is as large as possible on your screen.
  5. Download and open the SVG-edit template.
  6. Center the template. Note: it will appear too small at first.
  7. Drag the edges of the template graphic so that it exactly fills the document.
  8. Click the “Ungroup Elements” button.
  9. Select the black square with rounded corners.
  10. Choose your fill color from our list of recommended web-safe colors.
  11. Create your art within the smaller blue rectangle.
  12. Select the blue rectangle and delete it.
  13. Save as "[last_name]-[yyyy-mm-dd].svg" and then deliver for review.