The iConji Character Color Palette


In creating your original iConji character, we strongly encourage you to pay careful attention to the quality of color interaction. While color helps to enrich the visual aesthetics of a graphical communication, it should be used only when it serves to better convey meaning. In fact, black & artwork is often the most elegant.

  • If you elect to apply color, use no more than 2 colors in addition to the background, selected from the colors provided below.
  • Concerning the background color:
    • WHITE is reserved for colors, pronouns, “yes” and “no".
    • GRAY is reserved for flag backgrounds.
    • BLACK cannot be use as a background as it makes it impossible to see the inflection marks which give iConji characters the ability to be modified to an adjective, verb, adverb, or to be coupled with metadata. If you use black or any background that is too dark such that the inflection marks are not visible, your character will be rejected or the background modified by our staff.
    • Backgrounds must be solid single-color fills without any gradients.
  • If you are uncertain of the background color, the iConji team will add this for you.

The iConji Color Palette

  Color RGB CYMK Hex
White 250,250,250 0,0,0,0 #FFFFFF
light blue 179,227,250 28,0,0,0 #B3E3FA
med blue 0,255,225 100,0,0,0 #00AFEF
dark blue 42,86,164 100,81,0,0 #2A56A4
blue-gray 130,186,227 48,15,0,0 #82BAE3
light turquoise 0,185,196 79,0,27,0 #00B9C4
dark turquoise 0,172,178 100,0,38,0 #00ACB2
light green 180,211,66 35,0,100,0 #B4D342
dark green 102,183,80 67,3,100,0 #66B750
light orange 255,199,42 0,23,100,0 #FFC72A
med orange 242,104,54 0,77,100,0 #F26836
dark orange 198,60,50 0,94,100,20 #C63C32
light yellow 255,242,18 0,0,100,0 #FFF212
dark yellow 255,222,33 0,10,100,0 #FFDE21
tan 207,148,61 21,46,100,0 #CF943D
pink 228,129,180 5,64,0,0 #E481B4
light red 236,38,142 0,100,0,0 #EC268F
dark red 227,67,57 6,94,100,0 #E34339
light purple 214,76,141 12,89,12,0 #D64C8D
dark purple 103,61,148 78,100,0,0 #673D94
black 0,0,0 0,0,0,100 #000000