WANTED: Translators


As Wikipedia is built upon a worldwide team of writers who have taken it upon themselves to fill the Wiki pages with fact and figures, iConji requires the support of people who speak two or more languages to give every iConji character a definition in all supported languages.

Do you speak English and French? Maybe Spanish and Russian? How about Thai, English, and Bulgarian? Perfect! iConji needs you! iConji benefits from each new language it incorporates, therefore your effort will help iConji to grow in breadth and depth, as it reaches more people around the globe.

We provide a simple to use web interface which enables you to work at your own pace, one iConji character at a time. Historically, our translators have required roughly 10-12 hours to translate the foundation 1185 characters. Not too bad if you spread it out over a few days, an hour or two at a time.

Take a look at the full vocabulary to get an idea of what effort would be in store or search for individual characters using the Explorer.

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